Designed to help you fully enjoy town and holiday ..
Most of us simply don`t have the time to do more than basic research on hotels,
destinations and attractions. But, that info. can help enormously to improve your stay.
Our A6 `pocket` edition  is the only printed bus-rail timetable, with maps, attractions, markets,
200 main hotels, local and nearby, 600 bars & restaurants, listed by street, on sale at 1.50.

     Our 3-hour city tour, with 2 hour stroll by main viewpoints, gets you up and running quickly
at lowest cost.  Whatever you do ... we are here, or on the forums, to assist  anytime.

 webcams + check bus  + forum  + sights  Tom Allen`s map
Pics ... thanks to  Amy, Sarah, Pete  ... and all explorers.

To friends old and new ... have a great new year ..
and .. as we are re-printing the pocket guide for 2017-2018 seasons ..  anyone `local` who visits the
site, while stocks last, can have a FREE copy of the existing print sent .. to a UK postal address ..

just e-mail ..

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