Designed to help you fully enjoy town and holiday ..
For your convenience, we list hotels by area, the best UK bonded agents and price
plus 100 top public-rated restaurants and main attractions .. enjoy.

Our 3-hour city tour, with 1.5 hour stroll by main viewpoints, gets you up and running quickly
at lowest cost.  Whatever you do ... we are here, or on the forums, to assist  anytime.
Our A6 `pocket` edition  is the only printed bus-rail timetable, with maps, attractions, markets,
200 main hotels, local and nearby, 600 bars & restaurants, by street, free with our city tour ..

if you are in the UK, send address to for a free copy by post ..
         looking for people to sell guide in Albufeira .. you get €1.25 each copy ..  see `jobs` page ..    

 webcams + check bus  + forum  + sights 
Tom Allen`s review of Albufeira marina and town map

Pics ... thanks to  Amy, Sarah, Pete  ... and all explorers.
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