Bus terminal is in Calicos, the northern part of Town, with mainly EVA services to all destinations in Algarve, plus Lisboa, Porto, Sevilla, etc. For Olhos, Vilamoura, Quarteira and Faro, you can also join the bus at Modelo, Strip and Santa Eulalia. Some Lisboa services stop at Liberdade terminal. Some buses to near west stop at Marina and Cerro Grande, bus timetables . Locally, EVA operate Giro bus on behalf of the city (Camara), covering every area fairly well.
Under Covid-19 restrictions, Giro is currently free with limited spaces .. and masks are required ..

Five identical `Linha` (routes) circle districts, Old Town, Shopping and Rail  -

 -  Laranja       Orange.. 0640, half hourly to 2040) via Health Centre, Camping, Val Paraiso to Albufeira-
                         Ferreiras station, returning 0700 until 2100 .. check train times www.cp.pt or bus link above.

 - Vermelha    Red 1 from 0700 until 2100 (1900 Oct-May) half hourly, except hourly Sat pm, Sun and Hols.
                         goes west to Health centre, Camping, Pateo, Marina, Cerro Grande, Old Town at Liberdade
                         terminal then down main road past Lidl to Town Hall and back up to terminal. The two reds,
                         blue and green take around 50 mins per trip. For the most part, Red 1 becomes Green at                                      terminal and vice versa, allowing through trips without change ..

 - Vermelha 2 Red 2 
also goes east to Health centre, then straight to Cerro Grande, Old Town Liberdade
                         terminal and back up past Health centre, opposite bus terminal, down Vale Pedras and Rua
                         Bombeiros (Fire station), Town Hall, then along the main road past Modelo Shopping, Strip,
                         Bullring, top of Estrada. Sta Eulalia, out to Branquiera (Vale Navio) .. back along main road
                         and up Vale Pedras to Terminal. Red 2 usually becomes Blue at terminal ...

 - Azul  
          Blue runs opposite to Green in the East end .. same times as Reds .. from terminal via
                       Calicos market, Lidl/Aldi, Cerro Malpique, Town Hall, Old Town at Spice Lounge, Old Town at
                       escalators, then along beaches from Inatel to Pedra dos Bicos, up Sta Eulalia, past Bullring,
                       North Strip, Montechoro, Hotel Janelas, Worms roundabout, Modelo Shopping, Fire station,
                       Belavista, Stadium, Montechoro, Mosquiera, Brejos and terminal. Blue changes to Red 2 at                                terminal.

 - Verde         Green goes opposite to blue, except not to Mosquiera, via Stadium to Town Hall, Old Town
                       both stops, back to Town Hall, Modelo, Worms, Janelas, but from Montechoro straight to
                      Globes roundabout avoiding north strip and Bullring, down Sta Eulalia and along the beaches
                       to Old Town escalators, Town Hall and Old Town Spice Lounge, before Cerro Malpique,
                       Aldi/Lidl, Calicos school, Market and terminal. So, from Town Hall, you have two greens
                       around the same time to Old Town Spice lounge (central) and two leaving there around the
                       same time, plus the blue, all going in different directions
... one green to C.Malpique, one
                       green to Modelo, etc ...
one blue to escalators, Sta Eulalia, etc
.. (13 and 43). Green changes to                        Red 1 at terminal... which means going to Marina from Santa Eulalia without changing bus...

   No destinations or numbers .. all distinguished by a large colour dot up front and the Linha colour in words.      At Bus station - sign above quays, as well as the foregoing, which you can see in the picture.. from terminal      entrance/exit, the quays are .. Red 2, Red 1, Blue, Green, Orange ...

Fare 1.40, valid 1 hour .. but you can have a longer run due to buses now changing route at terminal ...
 The pre-paid card is a huge bonus3 euro + fares in 5`s @ 80 cents  - and you can take any
number of tickets (people) from one pass. Senior needs passport photo card (5.00) for longer stay
(apply 1 week before collection) .. top up at 11.00 per month .. at Bus Station or Liberdade Bus Shop.
 Non-senior monthly is 18.00 per month plus the photo card. Day ticket (from driver) is 4.00 euro.
These only valid on city `Giro` bus ....  link to a pdf of the City`s GIRO BUS MAP.  

Stops are listed in Portuguese, but find common English equivalents below.

3.   Centro Saude        ......  Health Centre
4.   Rotunda Golfinos  ......  Dolphins roundabout
7.   Cemeterio Velho   ......  Old Cemetery
17. Bombeiros            ......   Fire Station
18. Camara Municipal .....  Town Hall
19. Rotunda Relogios  ....   Watches
24. Rotunda Esfera   .......  Globes
27. Rotunda Minhocas  ...  Worms rdbt
30. GNR                        ...  National Police

5.     Parque Campismo ... Camping
12a  Porto de Abrigo      ..  Harbour roundabout


3.   Campo de Golf   ....   former Driving Range ..
5.   Pedra dos Bicos ....   Club Praia da Oura
27  Oura                   ....   Praia da Oura/Strip
28. Areias Sao Joao  ...   Vasco da Gama/Kiss Disco
30. Forte S Joao         ..   Monica Isabel beach
31. Prraia Alamaes    ...   German beach
33. Pau Bandeira       ... `Flags`viewpoint .. escalators
38. Cerro.Malpique Norte  .. Aldi and Lidl

20. Praca de Touros    ...  Bullring and marketplace
21. Sa Carneiro Norte ...  North Strip
28. Montinho                ..  V. Pedras rdbt Montechoro
29. Correeira               ...  Lusiadas Private Hospital

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