" you can check out anytime .. but you can never leave "

 the words of Eagles song `Hotel California` (there`s one in town) totally describing central Algarve experience for all who immediately long to return.

Busy in summer, Albufeira (41,000 residents) is Portugal`s star tax district after Lisboa and Porto. Visitors enjoy top ambiance and choice of accomodation, sights, walks, food, drink, nights, shopping .. you name it .. Albufeira delivers.

Sitting mostly high above golden beaches, on relatively flat land, with interesting hills and views ..from Cerro D`Aguia, Cerro Grande, Cerro Piedade, Pateo, Calicos Correeira and Montechoro. We explore them all on tour ... `flat` areas in Old Town, Cerro Alagoa (main shopping), Areias Sao Joao and Santa Eulalia have the bulk of restaurants, hotels, bars, shopping and entertainment centres. Plus, there`s a large, twice monthly, `gypsy` market (above) .. POCKET GUIDE provides local timetables    (through bus and trains) .. maps, supermarkets, attractions, services, language, measurements... and a main listing of over 750 restaurants, bars & hotels ..

We designed WELCOME TOUR to  get you up and running quickly at lowest cost. Just ask our Russian friends       ..      or the North of England crew ..

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