Want to spend more time in Albufeira ?  Already living in the area ?
Our guided tour has proved so popular that we feel it can easily be
expanded to other areas .. and other stops on local giro routes ..
as well as, potentially, to other towns that tourists might like to visit.
Likely to suit english-speakers, with a smattering of portuguese,
spanish, french and german .. which you could learn in one week
with google translate ... these would be

self - employed tour guides
earning approx. 6 euro per customer, who tend to come in twos ..
fours .. or more. Most people can easily do two tours per day and earn 
c. 250 euros per week.
season approx. mid-March to mid-November

Albufeira Pocket Guide, while an integral part of the tour, provided
free to guests .. has, potentially, 500,000 customers on its own.
Good sales efforts could easily bring 150 euros more per week.
 ... it is entirely up to YOU ...  if you really want it ..
all you need is confidence .. and a wee sense of adventure..

full training and support given   e-mail: 

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