Virtually everyone in the main Algarve resorts and attractions speaks reasonable English, as well as French, Spanish and German. You will need a small amount of Portuguese to communicate well, except in the more rural areas. Verbs, as in every language, will prove difficult, but not so necessary.

The following `mini` vocabulary (in the Albufeira Guide) can be augmented by words you see (signs, menus, hotel). The key is understanding ..  using words and phrases you need, or want, to know. Bem Vindo (bayngveendoo) .. welcome.

as it sounds .. fala eenglaysh ? (speak english ?) .. Irish eerlandaysh Scots shkoosaysh Welsh galaysh Dutch olandaysh German almowng

counting ... 0-10 ..  zero, oong, doish, traysh, kwatro, seenk, saysh, saytch, oito, nov, dehsh 11-15 onze, dohz, trayz, katorz, keenz 16 (deeza)saysh .. etc  ...., 20-90 veent, treenta, kwaraynta, seenkwaynta, sesaynta, setaynta, oitaynta, noovaynta  100 sayng 1000 meel 1 million meelyowing

conversions ..8 km to 5 miles, kilo is 2.20 lbs. £100 = approx 110 euros

days ...  Domingo (sunday) Segunda (monday), Tayrsa .., Kwarta .. , Keenta .., Seshta .. , Sabado (saturday). In shops or on TV .. Seg a Sex(sh) (Mon to Fri). today ohj .. now agora (or .. ja)  week seemana tomorrow amanyang month maysh day after tomorrow depoeesh de amanyang yesterday ohntayng

food and drink ..  water agua bread paowng fish paysh cod fish finger douradhino do bacalhau chicken frango cheese kwayjoo steak beef vegetables leegoomish fat gordo half may-a semi-skimmed maya-gordo more ma-ish best meelyoor  dinner oh jantar like gooshta starter entrada breakfast peekaynoo almohsoo dessert sobraymaysas lunch almohsoo bill ? traga-me a kohntar

making phrases ..  can I have ? pod armee ? can I (we) posso ? do you have tayng ? time kay oorash ayoo ? how much kwant weh? little pohkoo change troco   thanks obrigada (female) obrigado (male) .. bo`djia (am), bo`targe (afternoon) bo`noit (evening). Ohla (hello) Shta bayng (you well ?) nao (no) seeng (yes) poor favoor (please) adayoosh (goodbye)  say again podeea raypiteer ? write it ? pod eshkreevir eesoo ? help soccoorooh understand peersayboo sorry dishcoolp (see you ..) Later ! ateh logoo see you there (until then) ateh la   very mweengtoo  thank you very much mweengtoo obrigadoo

people ..  man oomayng  woman moolayr  my wife minha moolayr  son filho  my husband meu mareedo  daughter filha  sister irma  brother  irmowng  grand-daughter neta  grandson neto  daughter-in-law nora (son..) jaynroo    your name ? comoo say shama ?  them oosh (m) ash (f)  my name eu nomay  girl rapareega boy rapaz

places .. near pertoo  after depohish left a eeshkerda right a deerayeeto next proseemoo here akee there la straight on semprayngfraynt ahead ayngfraynt. where is ? ohnday shta ? ... Ohnday shta oo mooltibanco (.. cash machine ?)

weather ... rain shoova ... flood shayas ... sea  mar .. wave  onda.. sun  sol .. wind vento .. cloud noovayng ... cloudy nooviado ..   

Av.*C          jan feb mar apr may jun jul aug sep oct nov dec
Day           16  17  19   20   23   26  29  29  26   23  20  17
Night          8     9   10   12  14   17  19  19  18   15  12  10
Wet days  12   13    9   10    7     4    1    1    3     9   10   11 

travel ... train  comboyoo .. bus autocarroo   driver condootor(a)   car karoo ticket beelyayt  seat lugar  book seat ?  posso reservar oong loogar ?

trading/shopping . to buy comprar  large granday  small pequeno too big or small  damaziadoo granday/pequeno... what qual ?  price preco

Since most European languages come from Latin, many other
words sound very similar in each .. so just say it ! You`ll also find some very familiar TV progs .. such as `the voice` or `X` (shish..) .. the price is right `o preco certo` and  who wants to be a millionaire `quem quer ser o millionario ?`

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